Harry Potter: A Look Back

Harry Potter: It All Ends

Please see the video below for the touching ending to the 10 years of incredible work done by the
Harry Potter cast and crew.

Harry Potter: It All Ends

Emotional Goodbyes

J.K. Rowling, Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint Give Emotional Goodbye to 'Potter' Series

J.K. Rowling, Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint Give Emotional Goodbye to 'Potter' Series

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Harry Potter Covers This Week's Issue of Entertainment Weekly's Summer Movie Preview

Entertainment Weekly's annual Summer Movie Preview is hitting newsstands tomorrow, and featured on the cover is Harry Potter himself.

"Deathly Hallows: Part 2" is one of the many summer films highlighted in this issue with an on-set report including quotes from Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger). There are also some minor spoilers about changes that have been made for the final battle.

Entertainment Weekly goes on sale tomorrow, Friday, April 15th. We will post the scans from the feature once they are made available!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yahoo! Debuts Four New "Deathly Hallows: Part 1" Features and Interviews

Yahoo! has debuted four new behind-the-scenes features from "Deathly Hallows: Part 1" and interviews with the cast.

A fun feature about the Weasley family can be seen here. James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley) recall the first time they met their on-screen mom, Julie Walters (Mrs. Weasley), while Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) reflects on the influence director Chris Columbus had on the Weasley family in the first two films.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! UK has clips including the cast discussing memorable moments, growing up on set, and Nick Moran (Scabior) revealing some movie magic secrets. These 3 clips can be seen here.

Updated Video Links:
Ministry of Magic Atrium
Growing Up in Hogwarts
Most Memorable Moments
The Weasleys


Monday, April 11, 2011

Teaser Trailer Released for "The Woman in Black" Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Release Date Pushed Back (Updated with Download Links)

IGN today posted a teaser trailer for the new film adaptation of "The Woman in Black", which stars Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) as Arthur Kipps. You can watch the trailer embedded below or at this link on the IGN website. The trailer can also be seen on YouTube.

The Woman in Black was originally a 1983 novel by Susan Hill and a stage play adaptation of the thriller has been running in London's West End since 1989. The film - directed by James Watkins and also starring Aberforth actor Ciaran Hinds - is set to be released in February of 2012 in the UK, pushed back from the original October 2011 release.

Radcliffe's character, Arthur Kipps, is a young lawyer who glimpses a woman dressed entirely in black as he works in the isolated home of a recently deceased client.

Thanks to HPANA for the heads up!

Update: We have now been sent some download links for the teaser trailer in a number of formats as well as an official synopsis:

Based on the classic ghost story, THE WOMAN IN BLACK tells the tale of Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), a lawyer who is forced to leave his young son and travel to a remote village to attend to the affairs of the recently deceased owner of Eel Marsh House.

Working alone in the old mansion, Kipps begins to uncover the town’s tragic and tortured secrets and his fears escalate when he discovers that local children have been dying under mysterious circumstances. When those closest to him become threatened by the vengeful woman in black, Kipps must find a way to break the cycle of terror.

THE WOMAN IN BLACK also stars Ciaran Hinds (TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY) and Janet McTeer (TUMBLEWEEDS), was adapted from Susan Hill’s novel for the screen by Jane Goldman (KICK ASS) and directed by James Watkins (EDEN LAKE).

You can also have a look at the Facebook page or official website for more information on the film.

Trailer download links:


MP4 - Quicktime

WMV - Windows Media Player


Lynch, Lewis Promote 'Deathly Hallows - Part 1' DVD Release on ITV's Daybreak

Earlier this morning Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) appeared on ITV's Daybreak to promote today's UK release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 on Blu-ray and DVD.

Additionally, the two joined actors Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick/Griphook), Natalia Tena (Tonks) and Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley) yesterday at HMV to sign copies of the movie for fans. You can see several pictures below courtesy of WB.

- Fans : 1 | 2 | 3
- Evanna Lynch with fan
- Mark Williams with fan
- Matt Lewis with fan
- Warwick Davis with fans
- Group shot


Why Emma Wore Wig for Final Film

Emma Watson has revealed that she had to wear a wig to film some of the scenes in the latest Potter movie.

She plays Hermione Granger in the Potter series, who is famous for her long curly hair.

But when the cast had to re-shoot some of the final scenes at the end of 2010 Emma had already cut off her long hair.

She said: "I did have to wear a wig, but you'd never know. I will be amazed if anyone can tell where that scene slots in."

Emma said she was really excited about the last film in the Potter series.

She said: "It looks incredible - I'm always biased but the ending looks epic. I'm very excited."

The final Harry Potter film, Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows II is released in July.


Saturday, April 09, 2011

Videos: More "Deathly Hallows: Part 1" DVD/Blu-ray Extras, Cast Interviews

A variety of new "Deathly Hallows: Part 1" extras and deleted scenes have found their way to the Leaky galleries, in addition to some interviews with members of the "Harry Potter" cast promoting the DVD/Blu-ray release.

Deleted scene - Harry and Ron chasing rabbits
Extras - "On the Green" preview #3
Extras - A look at the Privet Drive set
Extras - Significance of the golden snitch
Extras - Malfoy Manor
Extras - Filming at Piccadilly Circus
Extras - Making of the "7 Harrys" #2

Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom), Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood), Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) and James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley) were recently interviewed to promote the release of "Deathly Hallows: Part 1" on DVD and Blu-ray.

AP Interviews Emma Watson
First News TV: Matthew Lewis & Evanna Lynch
First News TV: Tom Felton (Part 1) (Part 2)
First News TV: James and Oliver Phelps (Part 1) (Part 2)

Also, a big thank you and congrats to the hardworking Leaky video gallery crew who uploaded their 2,000th video today!

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" will be released on DVD/Blu-ray April 11th in the U.K. and April 15th in the U.S. and Canada.


First Image From 'Deathly Hallows - Part 2' Video Game Released

Electronic Arts has updated its official Harry Potter Facebook page with the first image from the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 video game.

The photo features a disguised Ron and Hermione about to enter Gringotts Bank. The image will be used for one of the game's menu backgrounds.

No release date for the game has been given.


Friday, April 08, 2011

Official Documentary Looking At the Filming of 'Deathly Hallows' In the Works

MTV has learned that a documentary was shot on the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows while cast and crew were filming. They report:

Producers David Heyman and David Baron revealed to MTV News that Morgan Matthews, an award-winning British filmmaker, shot a documentary on the set of "Deathly Hallows" that will be coming out after the final installment of the franchise itself. "He went behind the scenes and had incredible access to talent and crew and has made a documentary that is not yet complete, which shows the challenges of making the film — the tolls it takes on actors and crew," Baron said. "It's not just pure gloss and everybody's happy. It's real. ... At the same time, it's really, really funny."

We'll update you when we learn of a release date!


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

NYLON Interview Bonnie Wright: "Deathly Hallows: Part 2" Battle Scene Like Destroying a Sand Castle You've Built

NYLON magazine has a new interview with Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) in which the actress talks about reading the Harry Potter books, filming the final battle scenes and what she's studying at film school. Bonnie also mentioned going to see co-star Daniel Radcliffe in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" and talked at length about her fashion, makeup and music interests.

On how it felt to destroy Hogwarts:

Interviewer: But I can't wait for the part in the last film where your mother yells at Bellatrix, "Get away from my daughter, you bitch!"

Bonnie: Oh that whole scene is going to be so good. In fact, what's so great about the last film is that all the good guys bring up their game. They're like, "Actually, we'll really fight now; we're not afraid to cause damage." It's so much fun, and the best part is, we get to destroy Hogwarts!... I guess people could think that's sad, but for a lot of us, it was strangely cathartic. Like, "This has been amazing, now let's blow it up." It's kind of like when you build a sand castle and you break it down.

On not getting the Harry Potter books before anyone else:

[T]he most grating thing I've ever seen in a movie is in The Devil Wears Prada, when those two little kids get the Harry Potter books ahead of time. I was like, "Are you kidding? That would never, ever, ever happen!" [JK Rowling] is so guarded, and she always wants everything to be released at the exact same time. Even the international translators would only get the books when they were already on sale, so nothing leaked out. Everybody - I mean everybody, Dan, Emma, everyone - had to wait just like you.

On "How to Succeed":

I'm actually seeing Dan [Radcliffe] in How to Succeed Tonight! I'm quite excited because he has to sing and dance, and people don't realize he's been practicing for like two years. Anytime he had free time on the Harry Potter set, he'd be singing and dancing. People don't realize when Dan wants to do something, he tries to do it two hundred percent. I'm dying to see the show.

Find the full interview here on the NYLON website.


New "Deathly Hallows: Part 1" Featurettes Explore Animation and Snatcher Sequences

Empire Online has published two exclusive clips from the Blu-ray bonus features of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1."

In the first clip, producer David Heyman takes us behind-the-scenes in the making of the animation sequence for the Tale of the Three Brothers. Actor Nick Moran (Scabior) then talks about the forest chase scene with the Snatchers and why it's important to have good footwear for such a sequence.

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on April 11 in the U.K. and April 15 in the U.S. and Canada.


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Potter Producers Heyman and Barron on "Deathly Hallows: Part 2" Changes, Additions, and Spoilers

CinemaBlend has a report online from last week's CinemaCon event, which included a discussion with Harry Potter film producers David Heyman and David Barron. In addition to the much talked about four minute collection of footage from the film, the producers spoke at length about the second half of the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" film. In the Q&A, which can be heard and read in its entirety here, Mr. Heyman and Mr. Barron discuss alterations made to the final battle elements of the film, as well as speak to the reshoots done for the Epilogue scene last winter. Below is a small portion of the lengthy Q&A. As always, beware of movie specific spoilers!

In the footage we saw today, there's a scene of Snape and McGonagall facing off in the Great Hall, which I don't remember happening at all in the book.

They do face off, but it's not in the Great Hall. There are a lot of things there that are slightly different from the book, but they are true to the spirit to the book. Snape and McGonagall do face off in the book, but it's in a corridor as Harry's on his way to the Ravenclaw common room. It didn't work the way we were structuring the final battle to have that, so it takes place in the Great Hall. We also wanted to make a bigger scene of Harry's confrontation with Snape. Snape's role in the film is minimal, and it was minimal in the second half of the book, and yet you wanted to have the emotional investment when you see his past story [the memory Harry views in the Pensieve]. We wanted to build that up in order for it to have its emotional impact.

So the Pensieve moment stays in too?

Yes, that and Dumbledore [at King's Cross]. But what I love about these films, what I love about the books, is that all the action, adventure and magic, what means most to me is the character stuff, the slow stuff. I love having the time to tell the story. I'm really happy about breaking the book into two films, it gives us the time to really spend time with the characters and have the moments such as the flashback, Dumbledore at King's Cross. If we had done it as one film, we would have lost the Snape flashback.

Do you keep the desks that Professor McGonagall is instructing to charge?

No, we didn't.

Oh, I loved the desks!

I liked the desks too, but if you think about it, in a film which has grown up, that's kind of juvenile. It's like Peter Pettigrew strangling himself [which happened in the seventh book but was cut from the film]. It's great in the book, but really hard on film. Those things don't translate as well when the films are growing up.

When you went back and reshot the epilogue at the end of the film, was it mostly tweaking the makeup effects?

It was a couple of reasons. One it was the makeup, that was the first thing. The other was, to be honest, we were limited by shooting at King's Cross. It really limited our ability to block. And in terms of performance, these little kids, some of who weren't actors, were drowned by the noise of the trains, the announcements. That was really a problem. When we filmed it back at the studio, we brought the trains to the studio and filled the station in digitally. It's really beautiful.


Monday, April 04, 2011

'Harry Potter' E-Book Release May Become Reality

The Harry Potter series as e-books has taken a new step towards becoming a reality today, with The Scotsman reporting that J.K. Rowling is "actively considering" releasing the books in the digital format.

Ms Rowling's agent has confirmed that the author, who had ruled out making the books available electronically for years, was now actively considering plans for e-book versions.

Liz Thomson, editor of book industry website BookBrunch, said: "I wouldn't be surprised if the rights for the e-books are sold for £100m.

"Experts believe that move could revolutionise the world of electronic publishing, triggering rocket sales of e-book readers such as Kindle and the iPad."

While no official plans have been made regarding Harry Potter e-books, this shows a significant step in that direction, as Rowling has been reluctant in the past to release the beloved book series on the electronic platform.

If and when deliberation turns into action, we will have the announcement and information regarding a Harry Potter e-book release right here.